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Climbing development course 

1:1 and small group development coaching

Our 1:1 and small group courses are great for either established climbers or beginner climbers and coach climbers through movement technique and weight distribution, hold type, how holds influence movement, sequence and hand placement.

One of the key elements of successful climbing technique is individual climbers' spatial awareness i.e where their limbs are in space in relation to the climb, and holds they are using, on the climb they are ascending. The purpose of the course is to increase spatial awareness of the climber as they climb. Good technique fosters a more energy efficient climbing experience, which in turn improves confidence with hand and foot placement allowing for a greater range of movement while climbing and ultimately access to more challenging routes, or simply a greater enjoyment of climbing.

Please note: this course is not suited for novice climbers who cannot tie-in or belay. Please see our "Competent Climber" course where we will help you get started on your climbing journey.

Two hours   £80    Max 2 people

Want to try rock climbing outdoors? A natural progession from climbing indoors is to go outside and climb on real rock. There really is nothing quite like it. Not sure where to start? Why not book onto our "Introduction to Sandstone" course. 

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